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Local Search Stats

"97% of consumers search for local businesses online"
Source  How to Market Your Business Using Google Places - Inc. Magazine

85% of consumers are searching for local businesses online.
Source  Search Engine Land’s 2012 Local Consumer Review Survey

Google Street View Virtual Tours

Welcome to GBizFoto, proud to be the first Google Trusted Photographer for the Santa Cruz, Carmel, and Monterey Bay Area - and also serving Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.

As a certified Google Trusted Photographer, we're comitted to providing the highest quality Google Street View Business Photos, which add 360° virtual tours of your business, and traditional photography to your Google Places Listing, Google Maps, and your website (as the above example illustrates).  Professional photographs and a virtual tour are an essential way to showcase your business online and make it easy for new customers to make the decision to visit your business instead of a competitor.

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Let customers walk thru your front door and take a look inside, without having to make the trip.  You worked hard to create your business.  Give it an online face and it will sell itself.  Take the guess work out of their decision to visit you. learn more . . . Customers can explore your business as if they're actually there, all from their mobile phone or browser.  There is no longer uncertainty about what they'll walk into and that means more "buying decisions" to make the trip to your business.
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Not only will your tour and photos appear on Google Searches, Maps, Google+, and Google Places, but you can easily embed them on your website and social media pages.  Imagine what a virtual tour can do for your online presence.
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Stand out in the search results with an enhanced listing.  Local search is about more than directions and reviews.  It is about Ambiance, Decor, Product Selection - all the hard work you put in.  Show them the fruits of your labor.
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Importance of Local Search

As the statistics in the sidebar show, the majority of customers look for businesses such as yours online.  Make sure you're found and put your best foot forward with quality photographs and a virtual tour.  The success of your business will always come down to the fundamentals — quality of product and service, word-of-mouth, reputation, location, etc. — but there is no escaping the importance of your online presence, especially to attract new customers. 

Why Google Search?

Simple, it's the biggest.  93% of all searches are done with Google.

Why Google My Business?

Google has the leading online business directory, hands down.  In today's world of mobile phones, it might be even more important than your website as customers are out and about using their phone to search for a place to eat, shop, or find a professional service.  Over 72 million unique visitors (UV's) per month

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